Sylvan Heights, along with the International Wild Waterfowl Association (our partner organization), is dedicated to the conservation of waterfowl and wetlands through captive management of rare and endangered species, public education, and collaboration with other organizations working towards this common goal. 

Photo by Robert Kooy at Zooparque Itatiba

The elusive Brazilian Merganser not only ranks among the most endangered of all waterfowl, but rarest of all birds as well. Possibly fewer than 250 birds remain, and some conservationists fear that even this estimate may be optimistic.


The Orinoco Goose Nestbox Project is administered through the Venezuelan Waterfowl Foundation, established through the combined resources of the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Breeding Center, the International Wild Waterfowl Association and the Akron Zoo. The Foundation's mission is the conservation of the Andean river systems and the preservation of wild waterfowl in Venezuela, in particular the Torrent Duck and the Orinoco Goose.


In 2012, Sylvan Heights Bird Park was part of a project to help restore dwindling populations of White-faced Whistling Ducks and Bahama Pintail to the island of Trinidad.