Wild Wood Duck Nest Monitoring



Sylvan Heights staff are monitoring and maintaining more than 100 wood duck nest boxes on private properties in Halifax County, NC.  Aside from the benefits to local wildlife, these nest boxes provide real world experience in wildlife data collection and observation for our students, as well potential for various research projects.


The Bird 10K Project

2016 - present


This initiative aims to generate representative draft genome sequences from all extant bird species within the next five years. The project builds upon the successful effort by the Avian Phylogenomics Project in 2014 to sequence representatives of 30 bird orders.

USFWS Forensics Lab Collaboration

2009 - present


Sylvan Heights provides specimen standards to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Forensic Laboratory.  These standards are used to positively identify animals during wildlife crime investigations, such as illegal poaching of protected species.


National Geographic's Photo Ark

2014 - present


More than 130 of Sylvan Heights' birds are now part of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore's PhotoArk, a project that aims to document as many species as possible before they go extinct, and to raise awareness about the plight of endangered wildlife.