Adding an educational program to your field trip provides students direct interaction with animals - primarily birds, but also alligators, snakes, insects and other creatures. Customized programs and prices available on request. We offer hands on educational programs meeting Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and NC Essential Standards (NCES) guidelines, including bird biology and wetland ecology. To learn more about field trips and education programs, please view programs by grade level below. If you are ready to schedule a trip, please fill out the reservation request form by clicking "Book a Field Trip".


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PreK-2nd Grade

Programs for PreK-2nd Grade are specifically designed to pique an interest in bird biology and nature in our littlest learners.

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3rd-5th Grade

Broaden your students' knowledge of waterfowl, wetlands, conservation biology, ecology, and scientific methods.

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6th-8th Grade

Explore the diverse species in the avian class and study bird anatomy, or experience wetland biology and conservation.

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9th-12th Grade

Enhance classroom learning with programs about avian biology and wetland ecology using field research techniques and data analysis.

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