Programs for 6th-12th Grade


The World of Birds

With about 10,000 different species inhabiting ecosystems across the globe, birds are one of the most diverse classes of animals on earth. Interact with interesting birds and study their anatomy to identify specific traits that differ from species to species. From beaks to feather patterns, investigate the advantages and obstacles of flight and other evolutionary characteristics of birds.

Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Fee: $50



Scales and Feathers: Compare and Contrast Reptiles and Birds

Examine bio-facts, and meet our bird and reptile ambassadors, as we explore the similarities & differences of the avian and reptilian classes. Observe behaviors of both groups. Consider methods of metabolism and analyze systems including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc. Create a Venn diagram to review traits, exclusive and shared.

Time: 1 hour

Fee: $50



Wetland Ecology and Biology

Understand the fundamental concepts of wetlands, including historic treatment and modern practices of conserving these unique habitats. Observe and measure water quality and other variables within a wetland. Become familiar with specialized wetland organisms and their role in maintaining the health of an ecosystem. Learn specific attributes of the watershed where you live.

Time: 2 hours

Fee: $80



Educational Guided Tour

On an educational guided tour of the park, your group will learn about the history of Sylvan Heights and get an in depth view of the unique adaptations, biology, and behaviors of birds. Educational guided tours can be focused to fit your group’s learning objectives and interests. Educational guided tours are recommended for groups of 30 or less.


Tour Duration: approx 1.5 hours

Program Fee: $50



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For any programs presented on weekends, there will be a surcharge of $25 per program.